Places To Visit When Travelling To Western Europe

Western Europe is an interesting location for many travellers. It is a vibrant centre of contemporary culture and its cities display the latest architecture, music and art. If you’re planning a vacation to Western Europe, then you may want to consider these good travel places:

Netherlands (Holland)

Netherlands, Holland

Picturesque countryside towns and impressive windmills are what comes to mind when thinking of Holland. Easily the most popular destination in the Netherlands is Amsterdam where travellers from all around the world enjoy delicious cuisine, amazing beer, and some of the most exciting parties you’ll ever find. The country also contains many important historical sights including places like the Anne Frank House, and Willemstad.


From the Bavarian Alps to the Black Forest, Germany is one of the most amazing and historical countries in all of Europe. The country has plenty of exciting places to visit, all of which make for a lasting memory. Popular places to visit include the beautifully rebuilt city of Dresden, and Europe’s capital of culture of 2010, Essen. No matter what you choose to do in Germany, you’ll be sure to have a spectacular time.


Historical cities like York, Canterbury, and of course London are the primary draw for travellers to England. Medieval castles and fantastic cathedrals can be found all over the country and witnessing these impressive structures is an exciting prospect for many people. The country has served as an important location throughout history and visiting the country will give you a unique insight into what was one time the most powerful country on Earth.